Our Price List

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Full fat milk 1 pint86p
Semi skimmed 1 pint86p
Skimmed milk 1 pint86p
Full fat 1 litre£1.35
Semi 1 litre£1.35
Skimmed 1 litre£1.35
Full Fat 2 litres£2.40
Semi 2 litres£2.40
Skimmed 2 litres£2.40
Organic full fat 1 litre£1.45
Organic semi 1 litre£1.45
Organic skimmed 1 litre£1.45
Organic full fat 2 litres£2.50
Organic semi 2 litres£2.50
Organic skimmed 2 litres£2.50
Soya milk 1 litre£2.30
Oatmilk 1 litre£1.90
Almond Milk unsweetened 1 litre£1.90
Longley Farm - Double cream 10 fl oz£1.80
Longley Farm - Whipping Cream 10 fl oz£1.70
Longley Farm - Single Cream 10 fl oz£1.35
6 fresh farm eggs£1.40
12 fresh farm eggs£2.60
6 free range eggs£1.80
12 free range eggs£3.50
Longley Farm - Yoghurts 150g assorted60p
Longley Farm - Natural Yoghurt 454g£1.40
Longley Farm - Low Fat Natural Yoghurt 454g£1.40
Longley Farm - Greek Yoghurt 454g£1.60
Longley Farm - Cottage Cheese Natural 10 oz£1.40
Longley Farm - Cottage Cheese Low Calorie 10 oz£1.40
Longley Farm - Cottage Cheese & Chives 10 oz£1.40
Longley Farm - Cottage Cheese & Pineapple 10 oz£1.40
Garstang Mature Cheddar 200g£2.25
Garstang Extra Mature Cheddar 200g£2.25
Garstang Red Leicester 200g£2.25
Dales Dairies Salted Butter 250g£2.05
Dales Dairies Unsalted Butter 250g£2.05
Bottle Orange 1 pint£1.20
Orange Juice 1 Litre Carton£1.50
Apple Juice 1 Litre Carton£1.50
Tomato Juice 1 Litre Carton£1.60
Cranberry Juice 1 Litre Carton£1.50
Pineapple Juice 1 Litre Carton£1.60
Chocolate Milkshake 500 ml£1.25
Banana Milkshake 500 ml£1.25
Strawberry Milkshake 500 ml£1.25
Iced Coffee Milkshake 500 ml£1.25
Vanilla Milkshake 500 ml£1.25
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