About us

"Jacques Dairies was established in 1936 by my grandfather George Jacques, in those days he milked his own cows and delivered the milk by pony and trap, the milk was even served with a ladle straight from the milk churn. - we don't do that anymore!"
Paul Jacques

Humble beginnings

My father, Gordon Jacques used to help on the round before buying the round with my mother, Jean, in 1966. They covered Dunnington and Elvington but this only really took off after new housing estates were built, increasing the population and the round expanded. He was then delivering 7 days a week with 2 vans serving a whopping 250 gallons of milk per day. 


the business expands

I helped my father since I was 10 years old. I took over part of the round in Dunnington, in November 1989.  I then expanded into Wilberfoss in 1998 where I continued to grow the business in the surrounding areas to eventually the areas we serve today, covering Warthill, Holtby, Kexby, Elvington, Fangfoss, Spittle, Bolton and Newton on Derwent

increased product range

Over the years the business has diversified and moved away from just selling milk and today we now sell and deliver over 50 dairy products. These products all come from Dales Dairies based in Grassington and are all locally sourced from British farmers. As a local family business and long established company, I pride myself on my reliable early morning deliveries and the high quality of our products at a very competitive price. 

Reduced carbon footprint

Since the business started there has been many changes to the milk industry, some going full circle. As business has progressed we have looked at ways to reduce our carbon footprint and recently invested in electric Eco vans. 

Environmentally friendly

Instead of just using single use plastic, we have promoted the re-introduction of the humble pint glass bottles which are now proving the most popular option to receive milk in! We have seen a significant increase in our customers moving to this option and doing their bit for the environment. 

investing in our future

We’ve also upgraded our computer system to email monthly bills to our customers rather than printing paper copies and with the introduction of this new website, we have a strong platform to expand our client base and to improve your buying experience.

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